Our approach to sustainable behavioral change

"70% of employees do not feel up to the challenges of the new world of work"

Harvard Business Review, 2023

Weiterbildungs -programme stellen dabei nur selten eine geeignete Lösung dar: Das liegt unter anderem daran, dass 79% des Gelernten nach einem Monat verloren ist, wenn es nicht wiederholt angewendet wird. Zudem fokussieren aktuelle Weiterbildungen auf Fachwissen, das in modernen Zeiten eine immer kürzere Halbwertszeit hat.

aboutUs.In order to find an effective solution for more potential development, we worked with managers, personnel developers, Psychologists & Philosophers, Professors and Coaches aboutUs.and approaches of positive psychology, studies on future skills and theories of aboutUs.Success and behavioral research aboutUs.under the microscope

Mitarbeiter in einer neuer Arbeitswelt.

aboutUs.Habits as the key to success


Our app is based on the method: Learn, Apply, Repeat and is based on the 6 principles of habit formation in our growth topics aligned..

1. Focus
4. Easy process
2. Willpower
5. Trigger
3. Repetition
6. Rewards
“79% des in Weiterbildungen Gelernten ist nach 1 Monat verloren.”

How our app works

Create 21-day-plans in most relevant topics
Collect experiences by learning and doing
Create habits & set reminders

The 21done team

Thomas is the founder of 21done

Dr. Thomas Suwelack


In his PhD, Thomas studied the psychology and behavior of consumers. As a professor, he coached students on their professional (and hopefully also personal) development. Now he's putting the professorship on hold for now to help people form new meaningful habits.

Thomas is the founder of 21done

Feng Xia Ang


Feng Xia is the co-founder of 21done. She is now leading product development and CX. She started the ball rolling for 21done when she inspired Thomas with her idea of a holistic marketplace for pet services. The idea has since transformed into a holistic personal growth platform for individuals!

Thomas is the founder of 21done

Prakash Perumal


Prakash is the CTO of 21done and a strong enabler. He brings the IT power to the team. More than 10 years of experience with IT architectures and scalable applications help him to set the right technical course for 21done. In addition, he is a coach for holistic personal development!

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