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You become what you repeat.

It takes 21 days to learn a new habit.

With 21done, you can start on your personal growth today!

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Achieve your goals by building habits with our 21-day-plans

You long for professional fulfillment?

You are looking for mindfulness & health?

You want a life full of creativity?

You strive for sustainable lifestyle?

Our science-based solution for effective habits

Focus, focus, focus

With our development plans, you focus for 21 days on 1 theme and 21 effective resources: including challenges, podcasts, videos, coach interactions, meditations and more.

Real support that's fun

We've curated the best content in formats that are varied, entertaining and keep you confident in your goal achievement.

Effective and meaningful motivation

Together we are stronger! We allow you to exchange with coaches for free and integrate friends into your plan. We also tie your progress with a social impact.

Motivation is what gets you started.Habit is what keeps you going

Jim Ryun

21 Minutes of Personal Growth

What our customers say?


21done is the only one which offers this full range of resources & support for my personal growth!


Quite cool: Mindfulness, creativity, sustainability, professional fulfillment and health in 1 app!


Really cool and such different content. Saves me time from using a lot of alternative apps.


21done‘s holistic platform truly keeps me going because it is easy, focused and purposeful!

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34 social projects

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